The feeding ecology of some zooplankters that are important prey items of larval fish

Turner, Jefferson T. (1984) The feeding ecology of some zooplankters that are important prey items of larval fish. NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service, (NOAA Technical Report NMFS, 7)

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Diets of 76 species of fish larvae from most oceans of the world were inventoried on the basis of information in 40 published studies. Although certaln geographlc, size- and taxon-specific patterns were apparent, certain zooplankton taxa appeared in the diets of larvae of a variety of fish species in numerous localities. Included were six genera of calanoid copepods (Acartia, Calanus, Centropages, Paracalanus, Pseudocaianus, Temora), three genera of cyclopoid copepods (Corycaeus, Oilhona, Oncata), harpacticoid copepods, copepod nauplii, tintinoids, cladocerans of the genera Evadne and Podon, barnacle nauplii, gastropod larvae, pteropods of the genus Limacina, and appendicularians. Literature on feeding habits of these zooplankters reveals that most of the copepods are omnivorous, feeding upon both phytoplankton and other zooplankton. Some taxa, such as Calanus, Paracalanus, Pseudocalanus, and copepod nauplii appear to be primarily herbivorous, while others, such as Acartia, Centropages, Temora, and cyclopoids exhibit broad omnivory or carnivory. The noncopepod zooplankters are primarily filter-feeders upon pbytoplankton and/or bacterioplankton. Despite the importance of zooplankters in larval fish food webs, spectic knowledge of the feeding ecology of many taxa is poor. Further, much present knowledge comes only from laboratory investigations that may not accurately portray feeding habits of zooplankters in nature. Lack of knowledge of the feeding ecology of many abundant zooplankters, which are also important in larval fish food webs, precludes realistic understanding of pelagic ecosystem dynamics. (PDF file contains 34 pages.)

Item Type: Monograph or Serial Issue
Title: The feeding ecology of some zooplankters that are important prey items of larval fish
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Turner, Jefferson T.
Series Name: NOAA Technical Report NMFS
Number: 7
Date: 1984
Publisher: NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service
Issuing Agency: United States National Marine Fisheries Service
Subjects: Ecology
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Date Deposited: 13 Nov 2009 12:49
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